Harwars, happy fifth birthday!

2022-11-09 15:31:40 Harwars 84

On the occasion of the fifth anniversary, the employees of Harwars gathered together to celebrate the fifth anniversary.

Harwars Biology GroupHarwars Biology Group

On September 14, 2016, Haihua Biotech was established, five years ago. Time passed quietly, and Haihua Biology was in the ascendant.

Seeking perfection and full of honor

Within five years, Harwars has won several honors such as national science and technology small and medium-sized enterprises, high-tech enterprises, Qingdao lactic acid bacteria research expert workstation for hypoglycemic acid bacteria, Qingdao paramyxovirus vector series vaccine research and development engineering research center, etc., and has obtained 11 patents and 6 patents. "Novel coronavirus pneumonia paramyxovirus vaccine strain and its construction method" (patent number: 202110361745.0) passed the green channel approval, took 3 months, and obtained the national invention patent.

Write a chapter of development

Harwars is an independent research and development enterprise, and it is one of the company's business models to transfer the developed biological products to achieve market-oriented operation. Since its establishment, the company's R & D personnel have been conscientious and conscientious, sticking to their respective posts and concentrating on the research and development of various biological products. The biological products under research by Harwars include human and animal vaccines, hypoglycemic drugs, lipid lowering, gastric mucosal repair and other live bacterial drugs.

Unique and ingenuine

The employees of Harwars adhere to the corporate value of "focusing on life sciences and focusing on the health industry", and take meeting the needs of people's health as their own responsibility. In 2020, when the new crown virus broke out, Harwars R&D personnel quickly carried out the research and development of nucleic acid detection kits. In February of the same year, the company donated the first batch of tens of thousands of rapid test kits successfully developed to Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University.

Five years, several times have passed, and several times have been spring and autumn. The development of Harwars is still "on the road", we will look back on the past, sum up experience, forge ahead, walk well in the next "five years", and work hand in hand to continue to draw a beautiful picture.