Zhongkang Technology


Zhongkang Technology is based on advanced research and development technology, supported by a strong technical team, and relies on a secondary biosafety animal laboratory and animal new drug research and development platform to provide customers with comprehensive research and development services from complete independent research and development to cooperative research and development with biological product production enterprises or entrusted research and development.

R&D Products

A Veterinary Vaccines

The research and development of veterinary vaccines mainly focuses on poultry, dogs, pigs, and pets, and is committed to the development of multiple vaccines. The technical team has years of experience in veterinary vaccine research and development, and the research and development achievements have entered a benign and progressive stage of gradual transformation and preparation for transformation.

B Pobiotics

Product research focuses on hypoglycemia, lipid-lowering, gastric mucosal repair, and pets.

C Rapid Test Strips,Test Kits

Relying on the Taishan project, the company has independently cultivated the leading talents of the enterprise Taishan, and jointly developed a series of pet series rapid test strips, food testing kits, animal disease detection kits (ELISA method), animal disease nucleic acid detection kits (real-time real-time PCR method), and other four categories, 16 products.

D Fluorescence PCR Diagnotic Kit for Monkeypox Virus DNA


R&D center has ultrasonic cell crusher, ultra-micro spectrophotometer, ultra-pure water meter, carbon dioxide incubator, four-ring freeze-drying machine, fluorescence inverted microscope, fluorescence quantitative PCR instrument and other instruments and equipment.

Harwars Biology Group

Harwars Biology GroupHarwars Biology Group

Harwars Biology GroupHarwars Biology Group