Harwars was awarded the 2021 Qingdao Engineering Research Center

2022-11-09 15:31:40 Harwars 74

In order to deeply implement the innovation-driven development strategy and accelerate the capacity building of independent innovation in key industries, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Administrative Measures for Qingdao Engineering Research Center (2019 Revision) (Qingfa Reform Regulation [2019] No. 1), Qingdao Municipal Development and Reform Commission organized and carried out the identification of municipal engineering research centers in 2021. After evaluation, relying on Qingdao Haihua Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd. and Qingdao Agricultural University, the "Qingdao Paramyxovirus Vector Series Vaccine Research Center" was included in the list of Qingdao Engineering Research Center to be recognized in 2021.


Harwars is an independent research and development enterprise, has won many honors such as national science and technology small and medium-sized enterprises, high-tech enterprises, and director units of Qingdao Pharmaceutical Industry Association, and is a designated third-party testing institution for carrying out new coronavirus nucleic acid testing recognized by Qingdao Paramyxovirus Vector Vaccine Expert Workstation, Qingdao Lactic Acid Bacteria for Hypoglycemic Acid and Lipid Reduction, and Qingdao New Coronavirus Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters Office.


At present, Harwars has won more than 10 patents, among which "novel coronavirus pneumonia paramyxovirus vaccine strain and its construction method" has been prioritized by the green channel and successfully passed the examination of the State Intellectual Property Office (patent number 202110361745.0).


Since its establishment, Harwars has been committed to the independent research and development of biological products, and its products under research include new crown vaccines, animal vaccines and lactic acid bacteria products that reduce glucose, lipid and gastric mucosal repair. R&D and authorization of self-developed biological products to other companies to produce and sell are the current focus of Haihua Biotechnology. On August 23, Haihua Biotech has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Hanfeng Group for the "Food Grade Lactobacillus (HH19058) Project", which will authorize Hanfeng Group to produce and transform its self-developed food-grade Lactobacillus products, so as to open up the chain of products from R&D to market.

In the future, Harwars will continue to deeply implement the concept of rigor and truth-seeking, continuously stimulate independent research and development, and create more value for customers with core technology products and high-quality and efficient services.