World Laboratory Animal Day – Advocate science and be kind to animals

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World Laboratory Animal Day, celebrated annually on 24 April, is an important laboratory animal protection holiday initiated by the British Association Against Vivisection (NAVS) in 1979, and the week before and after is known as "Laboratory Animal Week".

"World Laboratory Animal Day" is an international commemorative day recognized by the United Nations, which is to call on human beings to reduce and stop unnecessary animal experiments, advocate scientific and humane animal experiments, strictly abide by the 3R principle, actively promote the use of alternatives to animal experimentation, and finally completely cancel animal experimentation.


Laboratory animals are the "substitutes" and "substitutes" of human beings, and people's exploration, scientific research, teaching and production in life sciences are inseparable from the great dedication of experimental animals. They are called "living precision instruments" or "living reagents".

Especially in the field of human medicine, laboratory animals have an irreplaceable role as "human stand-ins" because they can simulate the way humans are sick.

It can be said that without laboratory animals, there would be no development and progress in biomedicine today. In today's phase of the global pandemic of the new coronavirus, laboratory animals also play a vital role in the development of vaccines.

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Under the global trend, the laboratory animal industry is paying more and more attention to animal welfare and strongly advocating the 3R principle.

Animal Experimentation "3R Principle"

1. Reduction refers to the scientific method of using fewer animals to obtain the same amount of experimental data or using a certain number of ground animals to obtain more experimental data in scientific research.

2.RepIacement (substitution) refers to the use of other methods without the use of animals for testing or other research topics to achieve a certain purpose of testing. Or the use of unconscious test materials instead of the previous scientific method of experimenting with sane living vertebrates.

3. Refinement refers to the scientific method of avoiding or alleviating pain and nervousness caused to animals unrelated to the purpose of the experiment by improving conditions, treating animals well, and improving animal welfare: or improving experimental procedures and experimental techniques, on the basis of scientific principles.

In order to thank laboratory animals for their contribution to us humans, our laboratory animal practitioners today collectively mourn our respectable and lovely little animals, thank you for your dedication to us.

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