Another national invention patent of Harwars has been authorized

2022-11-09 15:31:59 admin 59

Recently, Qingdao Harwars Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Harwars or the company) has obtained another invention patent authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office, the patent name is "a strain of Lactobacillus plantarum and its application in the preparation of drugs or foods to alleviate diseases caused by hyperlipidemia", patent number is 202110170808.4.

Harwars Biology Group

This patent is another major breakthrough of Haihua Biotech advocating product research and development and technological innovation, and adhering to independent intellectual property rights.

The research and development of probiotics is an important part of the company's research and development work, focusing on the independent research and development of hypoglycemic acid, lipid lowering and gastric mucosal repair lactic acid bacteria, and promoting the industrialization of the results, which is an important driving force for the commercial transformation of the company's research and development products.

Previously, Harwars has reached an OEM cooperation with Hanfeng Group for semi-finished products of lipid-lowering lactic acid bacteria, and put the first batch of products produced into the market, and the market has a good response.

Harwars Biology Group

The company will continue to increase investment in scientific research, continue to promote technological innovation, and promote the emergence of more intellectual property achievements.