I wish you a happy Laba, and may you have "porridge" in everything

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The wax tree silver mountain dazzles with light, and the wind roars alone and quietly the three rivers

After La Ba is the year, one year and one year

【Laba porridge】

The custom of drinking Laba porridge on the Laba Festival comes from Buddhism. "On the eighth day of the first day of December, the day of Buddha Shakyamuni's enlightenment, the ancient Indians, in order not to forget the suffering of the Buddha before his enlightenment, and to commemorate the Buddha's enlightenment in the eighth day of early December, ate mixed porridge as a commemoration. After Buddhism was introduced to China, various monasteries held pujas, imitating the allusion of the shepherd girl before Buddha's enlightenment, and cooked porridge with fragrant grain and fruits to offer to the Buddha, called Laba porridge.

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【Laba garlic】

Pickled garlic is a custom in the north, especially in northern China. On the eighth day of the first lunar month, peel the garlic cloves of purple garlic, dip them in rice vinegar, put them into a small altar and seal them tightly, and open them until Chinese New Year's Eve. The soaked garlic will eventually become green throughout, with a moderately spicy and sour taste, and a strong and slightly sweet aroma.

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【Laba tofu】

"Laba tofu" is a folk flavor specialty of Qian County, Anhui, on the eve of the Spring Festival, that is, around the eighth day of the first month of the twelfth month of the lunar calendar, every household in Qianxian County has to dry tofu, and the people call this naturally dried tofu "Laba tofu".

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【La Ba Bing】

The day before La Ba, people usually use a steel basin to scoop water to freeze, and when the La Ba Festival arrives, they take off the basin and break the ice into pieces. It is said that the ice on this day is amazing, and eating it will not cause stomach pain for the next year.

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【La Ba Noodle

Laba noodles, that is, the seasonal food of the Laba Festival. Traditional noodles, popular in the Guanzhong region of Shaanxi, in the Chengcheng area around Weibei, Shaanxi Province, La Ba Festival is generally not to drink porridge, every year on the eighth morning of the lunar month, every family must eat bowls of La Ba noodle.

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