Harwars was listed in the list of Qingdao Young Eagle Enterprises in 2022

2022-11-30 17:05:43 admin 21

On November 28, Qingdao Private Economic Development Bureau announced the list of Qingdao young eagle enterprises to be recognized in 2022, which is the first time that Qingdao cultivates and certifies young eagle enterprises, and Qingdao Harwars Biology Group Ltd. was shortlisted.

With strong innovation ability, young eagle enterprises have made breakthroughs in products, services, technologies, formats, models, organizations, etc., have been recognized by the market, and have a certain scale of profit expectations, which is an important driving force for promoting high-quality economic development. Different from the cultivation system of specialized and special new small and medium-sized enterprises, young eagle enterprises are more inclined to select "four new" economic enterprises with high growth.

According to the "Qingdao Action Plan for Accelerating the High-quality Development of "Specialized, Specialized and New" Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (2022-2025)" led by the Qingdao Private Economic Bureau in June this year, it is planned that by 2025, about 1,000 new eagle enterprises, about 150 new gazelle enterprises and 8 unicorn enterprises will be newly cultivated, and a high-quality small and medium-sized enterprises will be gradually built to incubate and strengthen the system, forming a new development pattern of high-quality small and medium-sized enterprises in the city.