Harwars's Monkeypox Test Kit has obtained the EU CE certification

2022-11-09 15:30:19 admin 72

Recently, the Fluorescence PCR Diagnostic Kit for Monkeypox Virus DNA independently developed by Haihua Biotech was successfully CE certified in Germany and obtained the export qualification. Based on real-time fluorescence PCR technology, the product selects a highly conserved region of monkeypox virus gene coding region as the target area, designs specific primers and fluorescent probes for PCR amplification, and qualitatively detects monkeypox virus DNA in patients' rash, scabs, blister fluid, pustule fluid and whole blood samples. In addition, the reagent is equipped with an endogenous internal standard detection system to monitor sample collection, nucleic acid extraction and PCR amplification to reduce the occurrence of false negative results. The product has the characteristics of rapid, sensitive, high specificity and repeatability, and wide detection range, which is suitable for the auxiliary diagnosis of related diseases caused by monkeypox virus infection.

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