To welcome World Recognition Day, we make a commitment to "Sincerity and Trust"

2022-11-09 15:31:59 admin 49

Letter of Commitment

In order to maintain a fair, orderly, honest and trustworthy market business environment and better serve the high-quality development of the province, we solemnly promise:

1. Abide by the law and operate in accordance with the law. Strictly abide by laws, regulations, rules and rules, conscientiously operate in accordance with laws and regulations, implement credit risk assessment requirements, and conscientiously accept the supervision of government departments, all sectors of society, news media, and industry colleagues.

2. Objective and impartial, high-quality service. Effectively establish and standardize the operation management system, carry out inspection, testing and certification activities in strict accordance with the requirements of standards, ensure that inspection, testing and certification activities are objective, fair, true and effective, and continuously improve technical capabilities and service levels.

3. Fair competition and maintenance of order. Jointly create a legal, fair and orderly market business environment and industry order, strengthen self-discipline and self-management, resolutely resist "certification and testing chaos" such as illegal false certification, false issuance, false test data, and results, and escort the high-quality development of the inspection, testing and certification industry.

4. Safeguard integrity and pass on trust. Actively maintain the credibility of the inspection, testing and certification industry, always adhere to a fair and just position, not be interfered with by human factors, consciously resist commercial bribery and benefit transmission, and promote the healthy and orderly development of the industry.

5. Strengthen construction and strive for branding. Strengthen the construction of professional talent team, effectively improve professional technical level and service quality, do better and stronger, jointly create a well-known brand of inspection and testing certification institutions, and contribute to the high-quality development of the province.

6. Abide by ethics and fulfill responsibilities. Consciously maintain industry norms, take the lead in abiding by professional ethics and professional ethics, take the initiative to report and reflect violations of laws and regulations that damage the development of the inspection, testing and certification industry to the competent authorities, and jointly maintain the credibility of the province's certification, accreditation, inspection and testing industry.

7. Perform duties in accordance with law, reform and innovation. In order to build a province with strong quality and brand, integrate quality brands into the new development pattern, and contribute to the construction of a modern and strong province in the new era.