Harwars and XJTLU Huihu School of Pharmacy jointly create "China Medicine Valley"

2022-11-09 15:31:40 Harwars 43

Strategic exploration

Discuss the innovation and development trend of the industry

On June 11th, the inaugural meeting and the first plenary meeting of the Industrial Development Advisory Committee of XJTLU Huihu Pharmacy School were successfully held in the central building of XJTLU. In order to actively respond to the grand strategy of "integration of industry and education" and the grand blueprint of building Suzhou into a "Chinese Medicine Valley", and create a biomedical innovation ecosystem and implementation mechanism with value creation as the core, XJTLU Huihu College of Pharmacy specially invited a group of well-known entrepreneurs to serve as members of the Industrial Development Advisory Committee. Liu Gang, chairman of Qingdao Haihua Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd., was invited to become a member of it.

In addition, the Committee invited Chen Bingliang, Chief Scientist of Innovent Biopharmaceutical (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., Chen Minhua, Co-founder and CEO of Suzhou Jingyun Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd., Cheng Xianghua, Vice President of Simcere Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., Du Zhengming, Senior Vice President of BeiGene (Suzhou) Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Feng Yuxia, Chairman of Beijing Zhaoyan New Drug Research Center, Tang Xun, Partner and CEO of Houxin Health Investment Creation, Sun Jinquan, CEO of Wosheng Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd., and 19 other entrepreneurs served as committee members.


XJTLU Huihu School of Pharmacy Industry Development Advisory Committee

Harwars has signed a strategic cooperation agreement of "production, education and research" with Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University XJTLU Huihu School of Pharmacy, and plans to carry out cooperation in joint research and development, talent training and animal experiments in the future.

School-enterprise cooperation

XJTLU University Animal Laboratory settled in Harwars

Recently, Haihua Biotech reached an agreement with XJTLU Huihu School of Pharmacy, and the XJTLU Large Animal Laboratory will be settled in Haihua Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd. Harwars has built an animal laboratory with an area of 12,000 square meters, complete laboratory equipment, and staff with rich experience in preclinical large animal experiments. This cooperation is conducive to opening up the school-enterprise connection chain, building a talent sharing mechanism, and achieving mutual benefit and win-win results between the two sides.


Talent development

Chairman of Harwars was appointed as a visiting professor in the School of Pharmacy

As a biomedical R&D enterprise, Harwars needs to rely on talent advantages. XJTLU has a good international talent training channel. The two sides jointly establish an enterprise practice base and cultivate the talents needed by the biomedical industry is the foothold and strength of cooperation. Liu Gang, Chairman of Harwars, has been appointed as a visiting professor at XJTLU Huihu School of Pharmacy and will teach courses regularly in the future.


Liu Gang, chairman of Harwars, was hired as an off-campus visiting professor