An international event, two fruitful results!

2022-11-09 15:31:40 Harwars 69

On the morning of June 3, 2021, the "Qingdao Health Industry Cooperation Project Signing Ceremony" was held at the News Center of China Railway Qingdao World Expo City. Harwars Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd. signed two contracts on the same day, the signed projects are: Harwars Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Haihua Biotechnology) and Qingdao Development Zone Management Committee jointly signed the "Haihua Biopharmaceutical R&D Center Project"; Qingdao Hivalekang Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Harwars, and Axa Co., Ltd. signed the "Hihua Laikang Medical Care and Rehabilitation Project".


Haihua Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd. and Qingdao Development Zone Management Committee

Jointly signed the Harwars Biopharmaceutical R&D Center project


Qingdao Harwars Laikang Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd. and Axa Co., Ltd

Jointly signed the HivalaLaken Medical Care and Rehabilitation Project

Harwars Biopharmaceutical R&D Center Project

With a total investment of 400 million yuan, Harwars Biopharmaceutical R&D Center project relies on ABSL-3 laboratory and provincial innovation platform to engage in the research and development and production of high-efficiency and low-toxicity drugs for the treatment of diabetes and hyperlipidemia, and build a national bioglycemic and lipid-lowering R&D and production base.

Harwars Biology Group

Hivalacon's medical Rehabilitation Project

The project was introduced by Qingdao Industry and Commerce Center (Japan), cooperated by Axa Co., Ltd. and Qingdao Hihua Laikang Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd., with a total investment of 140 million yuan. The project focuses on the rigid needs of elderly care with "dementia" as the core, through the construction of medical care and rehabilitation institutions integrating prevention, elderly care, rehabilitation and medical treatment, quantifies and visualizes Japan's advanced care system through AI technology, and realizes localized replication, creates a Japanese-style Chinese version of "rehabilitation elderly care institutions", and comprehensively improves the level of elderly care service institutions in Qingdao.

The signing ceremony of Qingdao health industry cooperation project is an important part of the Boao Forum for Asia Global Health Forum, and a total of 22 projects were signed, involving medical services, biomedicine, medical devices, health care, traditional Chinese medicine and other fields.

As one of the signed enterprises, Qingdao Haihua Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in CRO services, biological product research and development, and medical laboratory testing. It has won several honors such as national science and technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises, high-tech enterprises, and Qingdao small and medium-sized enterprises specializing in special new products, and has more than 10 existing R&D patents, and is the only government-supported new crown vaccine R&D unit in Shandong Province, and a key project undertaking unit for cultivating new economic growth points in Shandong Province to make up for shortcomings.

Keeping the right innovation to take on the mission, running out of the vaccine industry "acceleration"

Since its establishment in September 2016, Haihua Biotech has carried forward the spirit of "ten years of grinding a sword", bravely entered the "no-man's land", and conquered the main business of vaccine research and development without distraction. In the face of the sudden new crown epidemic in 2020, Haihua Biotech developed the first nasal spray mRNA paramyxovirus vector new crown vaccine in China in early 2021 with the help of talent, technology and equipment, and is about to enter the clinical application stage.


Nasal spray vaccine animal experiments

In addition to the research and development of human vaccines, Haihua Biotech also relies on a 12,000-square-meter animal experiment center and specialized equipment to carry out CRO services such as animal preclinical evaluation and pathological research and analysis. The company focuses on the shortcomings of the animal vaccine market, introduces wisdom and talents, and carries out the research and development of more than 20 animal vaccines. At present, the animal vaccines under development involve pigs, poultry, cattle, dogs, foxes and other types, including a total of 4 types of vaccines.

Firmly perform our responsibilities and inject the "driving force" of biological product research and development

Focusing on the growth trend of diabetic patients worldwide, Haihua Biotech independently develops a series of products for hypoglycemia, lipid lowering and gastric mucosal repair. The product can regulate gastrointestinal health, eliminate human free radicals, improve immunity, prevent cancer, and reduce cholesterol content in food and human serum, reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease, and have a positive effect on the prevention of diseases.


Probiotic products independently developed by Haihua Biotechnology

Seeking progress in stability to open a new situation, creating a "new wonder" of medical care and rehabilitation

Since 2019, the Qingdao Municipal Government has successively issued documents and policies such as the Opinions on Accelerating the Construction of a First-class Medical Center City, the Implementation Plan of the Healthy Qingdao Action and the 16 Three-Year Plans for the Healthy Qingdao Action, to guide and encourage social capital to enter the relevant fields of the health industry and promote the development of the medical care and rehabilitation industry. This time, Hivalekang took advantage of Boao to settle the Hivalokang medical rehabilitation project in Qingdao, which is conducive to building a comprehensive development platform based on Sino-foreign cooperation and focusing on solving the elderly care needs of "dementia". Hivalaikang will also introduce foreign talents, intellectual resources and advanced technologies in the field of high-quality medical care, build a new format of medical care and rehabilitation of AI+ pension, and create a Japanese-style Chinese version of "rehabilitative pension". Accelerate the industrialization process in the field of medical care and rehabilitation.


Qingdao Harwars Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd

In the future, Harwars will continue to practice the corporate value of "focusing on life sciences and focusing on the health industry" with practical actions, knowing responsibility, taking responsibility and fulfilling responsibility, and showing Haihua spirit, Haihua power and Haihua responsibility to the society!